Is it Getting Hot in Here or is it Just Me?

Someone grab a thermometer, this baby fever is out of control.


When I was a teen, babies were terrifying. Like who wants something that only burps, poops, and sleeps all day? Well… uh, I.. um, kind of…do. I can feel the 16 year-old version of myself rolling her eyes. “Sure, kids are cute, but I like to play with them and send them home to their parents,” she says.

And she’s right.

I’ve got those hopes and dreams to chase after first. I want to be able to stay up late, not because some baby is crying, but because I’m in the middle of a great chapter or because I’m enjoying the company of someone beside me. I’m not ready to give up my selfish ways just yet. I mean seriously.

Spit up? Hard pass.

Dirty diapers? How about not…

That being said, let me say one thing: After spending years listening to Shane Koyzcan (yeah, I’m talking about him again) his poem Atlantis is seriously hitting a soft spot on my heart lately.

I mean, just listen to these words:

Maybe the best we can hope for
Is that those we leave behind find comfort in knowing
That we’re born out of love,
And not science.

That biology explains the how,
Love explains the why,
So in the event of our deaths
We hereby bequeath all of these words to you.

And they are only meant to say that
Uncertainty is something everyone goes through.
And there is not much in the way of proof
But believe me, we loved you.

I just love that line “biology explains the how, but love explains the why.” As someone with a strong foundation in biology/anatomy & physiology, I have to say that it’s crazy how scientific having a child can feel. It’s true the egg and sperm meet, things go down, and nine months later there’s a little babe. It’s just such a beautiful thing to know that biology is how that child came to be, but love is why they’re here. That’s truly magical.

I was recently talking to a fancy fella about what would be a good reason to have kids; he told me, jokingly (I think!), that it’s so we have someone to come visit us when we’re old. I’m sure many people truly feel that way, but I don’t.

I want a child because I want someone who is half me, half the person I love. To me, that’s so damn beautiful. I’m not ready for that now; I’m truly not, but it’s something I think about for sure. Once I hit 21 I started thinking babies were cute and I was about half-way considering having one, one day, in the very distant future. But now, I don’t want that “future” to be that far off.

Hopefully if the boyf reads this he doesn’t freak out! Hold your horses, babe, I’m not telling you to knock me up this instant, promise. I want the fun stuff with you first. The very fun stuff, for a very long time.


P.S. If you want to hear the amazingness of Shane Koyczan as he performs Atlantis, click on this link. You won’t be disappointed, promise. *Affiliate Link*

P.P.S. I just want to add, if you don’t want kids that’s totes cool, yo! You do you, no judgement either way. Seriously.


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