You’ve Got This

Isn’t it great with things just fall into place?

I have been slightly freaking out the past few days. Just ask the boyf, I’m sure he’d agree. I was worried things wouldn’t work out in my life. I was wrong. And so are you. Things will work out for you, I promise. It might not be the way you’re hoping for or even a way you’d expect, but they will work out.

I had been waiting for a call about a new job which is desperately needed to allow me to afford to head over to Finland next year. I got it and now I have a sense of security in knowing that I’ll be there soon. That “one day” isn’t as far away as it really seems. This opportunity just locked down my future with him. How silly is it that I needed this to make me feel like it was doable? It’s ridiculous, I know that; but when you’re in the thick of it, you’re not thinking clearly.

I know you might be thinking that it’s easy for me to say this now that things have officially worked out, but they haven’t for you, not yet. I get it. When people tell me to just have faith that it will all be okay, I get slightly irritated. No one knows what the future will hold. No one.

But it’s better to stay positive and just hope for the best. Cross your fingers, wish on 11:11, wish on your eyelashes, on the first star you see each night, do whatever it takes to try to put your mind at ease. Meditate. Pray. Listen to music. Write. Go for a run. Do anything! Just try to put your worries to rest and know that no matter the outcome, you’ll make it through.

It’s easy for me to say now, but about two hours ago I wasn’t feeling so confident. So I suppose this post is meant for myself in the future; this is for when I’m nervous to fly across the Atlantic. This is for when I’m nervous about my first day. For when I’ve got to go to court. For when class is hard and I don’t feel like studying. This is for when I’m scared or worried or feeling alone. And this is for you.

If you’re ever feeling less than 100% confident, know that it’s normal. Know that it’s okay to be afraid. It’s okay to have moments of weakness; those moments do not define us. It’s how we handle them. It’s what we learn from them; that’s what defines us. You might have some hard life lessons ahead of you; you might have just learned one today, two days ago, last year, whatever. You might be struggling. You might be scared. If you are, know that you’re not alone. We all feel that way. We’re all afraid at some point.

You’ll be okay. It might take some time, but you will be. Anything worth having is at least slightly scary, so don’t let that stop you from following your dreams. Dream big. Take risks. Know that not everything will work out exactly how you expected, but it’s worth the experience. It’s worth knowing that you tried.



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