Listen up!

Can a cover ever be as good as the original?


I’ve always been the kind of person who just isn’t a fan of them, but when I heard Robert Nottingham’s version of Angel of the Morning I did a complete 180.

Take a listen:

How freaking amazing is his voice? Ugh. I feel like after listening to him perform  I can die happy. I absolutely love the difference between his version and Juice Newton’s and I’m pretty sure half of the views on that video are from me. Not even slightly kidding. It’s amazing how different the same song can sound when performed by different artists. I feel like I needed to stumble across him in order to actually realize that covers aren’t half bad! I’ve listened to that song constantly since I found him about three weeks ago.

I’ve always loved this song; the lyrics are just so damn beautiful.

Just call me angel of the morning, angel
Just touch my cheek before you leave me, baby.
Just call me angel of the morning, angel
Then slowly turn away from me.

It’s as if the brush of your lover’s hand is enough to allow you to be okay with them leaving. If you’ve ever had that feeling, like just the simplest touch would satisfy your needs, you’re not alone. If you’ve ever felt like you were losing someone, listen to this song. If you’ve ever wanted someone to be there, listen to this song. Just listen to it and imagine that morning after, imagine them leaving you alone in bed and all you ask is that they touch your cheek before they leave you, because that’s all you need. That’s enough. Sing it out loud and imagine saying it to them as they’re walking out the door.

It’s pretty magical.

Anyway, his wife is one lucky lady to get to listen to him sing these amazing songs each day.

Check out his other covers. I’m a huge fan of his version of Space Odyssey,  which he performs under an old bridge. Like seriously, he’s amazing, so pop on over to his channel and give him a listen. You won’t be sorry.



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