(I) (A)lways (K)new

One day

I’m gonna love you like you deserve.

I’m going to show you

all the beautiful sides of yourself.

I’m going to kiss away all of those painful memories;

the ones that torment you,

and the ones that changed you

into the that person you are.

I love who you are,

but I hate what it took for you to get there.

I want you to know nothing but love,

all the days of your life.


One day

I’m going to roll over at 2 am

and instead of finding the empty side of the bed,

I’ll find you.

Gentle kisses will fall upon your cheek

and I’ll watch your precious face,

as you’re fast asleep.

I’ll wonder if you think of me

as much as I think of you.


One day,

You’re going to smile in my direction

Laughter will dance across your lips

And my lips will want to dance with yours,

So I won’t stop them.

You’ll be surprised,

But darling, just know that I’ve been waiting for that moment.

I’ve been waiting to see how your smile reaches your eyes

How your body shakes when you laugh.

I’ve been waiting my whole life for that single second.

And now, I don’t have to wait anymore.


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