Lazy Sunday Wisdom with Calvin and Hobbes

Let’s see what the guys have for us this week.


I have to admit, Calvin and Hobbes are basically perfect. I can honestly say that I haven’t spent much time reading their comics, but in the past month that I’ve known them, I’ve just loved it all. Their little conversation on the sled fits into our lives so perfectly. I mean, how many situations have you been in where you have the choice between something going amazingly well or winding up like a pile of crap? Unless you’re like 5 years old, I’m telling you, you’ve had plenty! I know that I’ve had lots of situations in which I have crashed and burned, but quite frankly more often than not, the ride has been worth it What is life without a bit of risk?!

I just love how Hobbes is the glass half full kind of fella, while Calvin is a bit more realistic; they’re truly two sides of the same coin. They’re expressing thoughts we’ve all had ourselves. Sometimes we’re dangerously optimistic and other times we’re a bit of a downer. It’s okay to be both! I mean, have you met those people that are constantly smiling and like insanely happy? I feel so overwhelmed when I’m dealing with them! I can feel my cheeks burning during a conversation with them because of all the fake smiling and nodding. Is that mean to say? It might be, but it’s true.  On the other hand, when you have someone who is always so sad and down in the dumps, you want to make them feel better. It’s hard and sometimes it can feel like it’s your responsibility. It can be just as draining at times. If you ask me, it’s just good to be both.

You know what else is good? Taking risks and making your way down the road less traveled. I am currently walking down that path myself; I mean, how many people leave a career path that is a great way to make a living to become a writer, when you don’t even have a big portfolio or savings to fall back on? I mean, I’m working a crappy job to pay the bills and slaving away all day checking cats in and out (yeah, I work at a cat clinic. It’s basically the best place in the world for a closet cat lady). Someday in the not so distant future, I’ll be leaving this life behind; a life that I’ve known and loved forever, to rush across the Atlantic to be with a man I love. Who does that?!

What if it doesn’t pan out? What if my writing never takes off? What if he’s actually some crazy person who just wants me for my feline knowledge? Well… if any of those things happen, it will have been worth it. I’m okay with the idea of my life not going as planned, because what truly goes as planned? Nothing! But don’t be a sissy weasel and choose not to even try! Go for the crazy ride. Life can go one of two ways, you can risk it all and have a huge pay off or you can deal with the crap that comes with failure. It’s worth the risk, and you know what,  if you crash and burn, pick yourself up. You’ll be alright.

Until next time.


If you’d like to read some more Calvin and Hobbes while supporting a baby blogger who daylights as a receptionist for cats, click the link below!

P.P.S. It might be lazy “Sunday” wisdom, but it’s comin’ to you on Mondays!


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