Potato Hackin’: Update

I. Am. Over. Potatoes.


Seriously. It’s been about a month of potatoes and I’m doing terribly. I eat potatoes every day at work for lunch and it’s gotten to the point where I just choke them down because that’s all I’ve got. When I get home, I will eat literally anything to avoid not having to eat potatoes. For instance, tonight, I ate a bag of popcorn and an apple just to avoid potatoes. How do people do this long term?! One pain in the butt is the fact that in the middle of the workday, I’m starving and eyeing the communal bag of Chex Mix in the lunch room because I can’t just make myself another bowl of potatoes and quite frankly I’m into eating smaller meals more often than one big meal.

I know that the boyf is doing much better than I am. He’s at least having days where he’s sticking to eating just potatoes, even if he doesn’t like it or if he’s feeling a bit starchy. Just yesterday, he said he was feeling super tired and we’re blaming it on the potatoes, but Lord knows it’s because I kept him up late. Gotta love the time difference. Our plan is to continue until at least June, but we’ll see what happens. Any moodiness is instantly blamed on taters so it’s nice to have that scapegoat!

We have also added in kettle bell swings to work those muscles. It has been a help with my posture at work; sitting at a desk with your ear pressed into a phone all day is no fun on the neck. Plus, one huge advantage is the fact that you can do 100 swings relatively easily and not feel exhausted even on your strict potato days. So, if you want to add in some exercise, I highly suggest swings or something similar.

Other than just not wanting to eat potatoes all day every day, it’s not too bad. I don’t feel sick and I have noticed that I feel much more readily satisfied when I’m eating anything other than potatoes. I’ll check back in, in two weeks and let you cool cats know how it’s going then. I am going to force myself to stick to only potatoes tomorrow in an attempt to get back on track for these next few weeks.

Keep it starchy.


Edit: The boyf feels as though he has been misrepresented in this post, as he is having *insert sassy tone here* “4-5 days of straight up potatoes, bitch please.”  That is all.


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