Lazy Sunday Wisdom with Calvin and Hobbes

Today’s analysis is going to be short and sweet.


Calvin is basically my spirit animal; I completely understand where he is coming from. We don’t always want to learn the necessary tools needed for life, but we can all agree that, more often than not, they’re essential. They boyf and I were talking about some of the necessary tools we have to acquire to actually excel both in life and in our careers/hobbies. As a musical fella, he had to take a step back and learn music theory; I had to realize that editing is necessary. We had to let go of the notion that creating is meant to be a romantic affair; in reality, writing is a massive amount of hard work which consists of vomiting words onto a page and editing them into something of substance and creating music isn’t much different.

Calvin’s dad is that voice of reason we all need; we have to learn certain tools in order to become anything. We could have continued creating with a childlike obliviousness, thinking that we don’t need to refine our skills or attempt to do better. We could have pulled a Calvin and chosen to pretend that being creative means brilliance just flows from you and that we shouldn’t have to try; that skills are unnecessary, but it would have been a huge disservice to ourselves. So, even if you don’t think you need to learn a skill, odds are, you probably do, so just accept it.

Until next time.


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P.S. Lazy Sunday Wisdom is so lazy it comes to you on Mondays 🙂


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