Remember Me After I’ve Gone

Graze my fingertips with yours,
Close your eyes and feel the warmth.
Lace your hands into mine,
And my heart will melt into yours.

Press your lips to mine.
Tell me you love me as they move.
Leave a trail of kisses on my neck,
Feel my heartbeat beneath my skin.

Notice my breath pause,
Feel my pulse quicken.

Know that I love you,
That I long for your arms to surround me.
Know that I love you,
As your hands dance across my body.

I’m flesh and bones before you.
As I lie beneath you in our bed.
I am more than just a thought
Or a dream you’ve kept hidden in your head.

My darling, remember how I loved you.
The trail of kisses I left upon your skin;
I planted invisible fingerprints on your body,
As you moved within.

Remember how I love you,
When I’ve gone away.
Remember how I need you,
Even if I cannot stay.

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