You’re It

Kiss me each morning when you rise.
Kiss me before I’ve wiped the sleep from my eyes.
Kiss me each evening before sleep consumes you.
Kiss me like I’m the only love you ever knew.

Place your lips on my forehead before you walk out the door.
Place your hands on my hips and pull me in for more.
Place your heart in my chest and I’ll trade mine for yours.
Place your hand in mine while we face what’s in store.

Put your lips to mine.
Run your fingers through my hair.
You’ve overtaken my heart
And I no longer care.

I belong to you, yet I belong to me.
Between you and I; there’s a love I can see.
Lace your fingers through mine and tell me of your dreams.
With you by my side, the world’s not as dark as it seems.

Kiss me each morning.
Kiss me each night.
Tell me if I’m wrong,
Because  it all feels so right.


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