Grow Fonder

When life feels full of sorrow
And pain comes easily,
Remind me of tomorrow,
Don’t just leave me be.

My words feel so jumbled up,
My pen can’t find the page.
And when I think of the future
My heart turns the lock upon its cage.

It’s too easy to grow distant
Too easy to let go.
And I wouldn’t wish it
On my dearest friend,
Or my deadliest foe.

It’s so easy to grow apart,
So please don’t let me wander.
Hold me to your heart,
Make me grow fonder.


Things I Learned this Week 1.1

This week has been quite the adventure!


I’m grateful that I get to live a life in which every day gives me something to reflect upon and this past week has been no exception. So, here’s what I’ve learned:

  1. I learned that sometimes when you think your day is going to be crazy and stressful; it’s really not. It’s a wonderful surprise that you welcome with open arms. This week was looking like it would be crazy and filled with stress, but it wasn’t!
  2. Sometimes your friends kind of suck and sometimes they’re great. It’s so important to have a solid support system as you try to make your way though this crazy life. I’m lucky enough to have one gal pal who I can call at a moment’s notice and know she will always be there, or at the very least attempt to be. We make plans and we put our friendship first because it’s important to us. I mean… who else am I going to watch Grey’s Anatomy with while eating Taco Bell and drinking wine?!? I’ve got another friend who flakes out constantly. We’ve been friends for years, but lately it’s seemed like regardless of how much effort I put in, our friendship falls to the wayside. I guess that’s part of growing up?
  3. Bears are the most adorable creatures to ever exist. The boyf sent me like 6 pictures of little snuggly bears before work one day. It brightened my entire day!
  4. I’m not a good person to come to if you want sympathy for procrastinating. I’ve got a simple solution; don’t do it! I’ve got to learn to be a bit more chill about it, especially with the boyf. He’s a bit of a procrastinator. Don’t deny it, you are!! But I love him anyway, so it is what it is. He’s still the babest babe of all babes.
  5. I love listening to oldies and calming tunes while I’m writing. I need the noise and when I can’t make it out to a cafe or something to get some writing done, music helps. You know what else helps?! Writing crap down on random scrap pieces of paper while I’m working. I came up with some awesome ideas in the middle of the work day, so I scribbled them down and… well… they ended up in the wash so it didn’t really help much that time, but I’m sure it will someday!

Keep learnin’


(I) (A)lways (K)new

One day

I’m gonna love you like you deserve.

I’m going to show you

all the beautiful sides of yourself.

I’m going to kiss away all of those painful memories;

the ones that torment you,

and the ones that changed you

into the that person you are.

I love who you are,

but I hate what it took for you to get there.

I want you to know nothing but love,

all the days of your life.


One day

I’m going to roll over at 2 am

and instead of finding the empty side of the bed,

I’ll find you.

Gentle kisses will fall upon your cheek

and I’ll watch your precious face,

as you’re fast asleep.

I’ll wonder if you think of me

as much as I think of you.


One day,

You’re going to smile in my direction

Laughter will dance across your lips

And my lips will want to dance with yours,

So I won’t stop them.

You’ll be surprised,

But darling, just know that I’ve been waiting for that moment.

I’ve been waiting to see how your smile reaches your eyes

How your body shakes when you laugh.

I’ve been waiting my whole life for that single second.

And now, I don’t have to wait anymore.